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The CVSS/National Volunteer Centre will act as a focal point for coordinating volunteer activities in Jamaica.  It will mobilize and train volunteers to support and implement initiatives by Government and Non-Government organizations while promoting volunteer activity as one of contributing social, cultural and economic value to the sustainable development of Jamaica. 

The main functions of the National Volunteer Centre are to:

  • Mobilize and train volunteers to support and implement initiatives by government and non-governmental organizations requiring such services,
  • Assist with matching volunteers to areas of need. 
  • Develop an advocacy; dissemination and public education programme and engage senior officials and the general public about how best to utilize the inputs of volunteers in all aspects of national development. 
  • Co-ordinate national activities in observance of International Volunteer Day and develop an annual awards programme to recognize outstanding volunteers.
  • Encouraging the pursuit of excellence in volunteer management.



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